The Breakdown

What RacIZm creates to have “Formidable Equity”

RacIZmIZ has organizational tiers that effectively focus on creating change in community, academic and corporate structures. Our organization divisions focus on the needs of the individual and the workforce community issue. We analyze the community/organization addressing issues of the past that have developed inequality and bias’s formalized structures. As the issues of inequality and microaggressions are addressed within the corporate, academic, or community setting RacIZmIZ structures meetings with administrative leaders to create a personalized, yet effective device to develop functional diversity and inclusion within the setting. RacIZmIZ personalizes professional developments, town hall community meetings, workshops, and observations that focus on the needs that will create diversity and inclusion within the corporate, academic, and community setting.

More about “Formidable Equity”…

RacIZmIZ is not here to change the pandemic called Racism and cultural hatred. RacIZmIZ cannot change hatred within the individual or structures that intentionally practice racism in systems, policies, organizations, and the pyramids of education/academics. RacIZmIZ cannot disassemble the centuries of teachings, practices, and idealized deceptions that those of European descent and Anglo-Saxon heritage are better than those of African descent. RacIZmIZ does not choose to change those structures that “fester in” and feed on the hatred of races and cultures.

What RacIZmIZ does is develop change and internal restructuring to those entities that desire to change and become better individuals, organizations, and academic institutions. RacIZm does not shadow or utilize the titles of diversity and inclusion. Our organization and tiered agencies create and devise tools that create Formidable Equity for people of color. RacIZm focuses on systematic Equity in organization and policy; while, working to dismantle and effectively attack the microaggressive behaviors and policies that cause harm in any factor to people of color. RacIZmIZ believes Equality allows the individual to walk through the door; however, Equity you can own the door. Let us introduce you to the RacIZmIZ tiered structure and aligned programs that composites change and equity within organizational structures.

RacIZmIZ to create an atmospheric equity in academic and work settings.

RacIZmIZ is an organization that promotes diversity and inclusion and

organization profitability.


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