Effect Lazarus

The pyramid tiered structure of three implemented agencies that are focused and devised to create equity and change in their formidable setting.

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Effect Lazarus

In the year 2011 after completion of her Master of Science degree in Nonprofit Management, MP Wells was given an assignment from her job. Her job asked her to collaborate with Charlotte Women’s DV Shelter and two other nonprofit organizations: The Sycamore Project and the Better Me Project which developed the “Stop the Hurt” campaign that focused on domestic violence. With the leadership of MP Wells, this fundraiser raised $8,000 with ticket sales, a silent auction, and various sponsorships. After the success of the event, MP Wells began assisting new nonprofit organizational structures in the development, fundraising, branding, and board development stages. You may ask, “Why the name Effect Lazarus?” In biblical text Jesus called Lazarus out of death’s tomb. Lazarus arose and was given a new, more abundant life. Effect Lazarus follows the same rule. We assist in the development of nonprofit organizations breathing “life” into nonprofit structures. Giving them a more abundant life in their organizational operation.

Effect Lazarus (EFL) does the institutional research and development within the nonprofit organizations that need revision in marketing plans, fundraising, and board direction development. Effect Lazarus assists the nonprofit organizational agency in developing vision and strategies that will benefit the audience and atmospheres they serve with their agency. This is done after the organization’s development plan has been approved and contracts are completed. Effect Lazarus will devise a marketing strategy and fundraising plan that will incorporate programs of the organization, Poet Aca (PA).

Urban Love Language

A workshop and professional developments teaching the issues of microaggressions in classroom settings of children and organizational structures. Let’s look at the statistics in school settings. How children in impoverished settings are not given adequate food, academic materials, or equity trained teachers. Many teachers, principals, and administrations come in with their personal “isms” . What is an “ism” According to Webster’s dictionary a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology: racism’s, mannerism’s, All the personal emotions that an individual has developed through learned behaviors, family environments, family beliefs, and the implemented systems of media that he/she/ is absorbed by. So, let’s look at statistics, Micro-aggression, and Racism.

The Power of Validation

Validation- recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile. -Webster’s Dictionary

Many children in academic settings are not made to feel validated in their neighborhoods, homes, or school settings. Validation creates an empowerment with children the integrity of children, making children feeling as those they are not just a test score, number, or statistics. Validation makes human beings feel that they are important to the existence of Mankind and the landscapes of the atmospheres they are a participant.

Even as educators are teaching a subject that children are finding difficult. The teacher can finds greatness in a student and uses that in language. Educators can create change,while creating a better academic environment for the student. Many teachers and programs, like Teach for America give a precedence “They are Saving “At-risk / Urbanized Children and going to heal the problem. No, most problems are generational trauma, historical poverty, and undetected socio-emotional mental health issues. So, you are not going to fix it and you only wear the Superman emblem if you are truly invested in the work of change and academic progression with your students. You can empower your students to be their individual power creator of his/her own environments and individual strengths.

Who is Effect Lazarus? What do they do?

Effect Lazarus integrates the 3 Rs, Renewal, Reinvention, and Revitalization into nonprofit organizational development. Effect Lazarus devises programs that will develop the funding, board development, and organizational structuring. There are four significant phases that Effect Lazarus will develop and focus on this first year of rebuilding and redefining the funding structure for Poet Aca. In a twelve-month plan, Effect Lazarus will integrate the 3 R’s and redevelop, revitalize, and structure the overall structuring of Poet Aca (PA). At the end of the 12-month contract assignment Effect Lazarus will develop a working board of directors, a structured donor base for fundraising, and develop avenues of sponsorship through organizational outreach and community development.

What is the Urban Love Language?

Using words’ Like Queen, Princess, King, you are Brilliant, Wow that is amazing. You look beautiful today, Leaving your personal ‘isms” and flags outside the room. Not asking that children accept you…but, you truly accepting them and creating an atmosphere of Power and individual progression. Part two is creating a safe space for children feeding their minds, souls, and many times stomachs to develop his/her progressive individuality . Instead of having an unengaged cold class room of criticisms and creating classroom of YOUR representations: rainbow, American, or otherwise. Create a classroom of cultural and academic EQUITY, Equity is not given to these children on a daily basis in many of their cultural, academic, and neighborhood environmentsPlease understand because of LIFE PRESSURES many children that are not White (of European descent)live in unpunished Criticisms from a society that does not love or really accept them (as a whole) period!!!. . His/her atmospheresand family structures are malnourished as well, somany of these children are starving: physically, mentally, atmospherically and emotionally.

It Takes a Village

In today’s society, our culture is vastly changing. CORE academic systems are training our children toward building wealth through STEM, engineering, and other avenues. These are powerful tools to insert and develop strong skill sets with our children. Nonetheless, many children in impoverished areas are not receiving academic equity in their school systems with STEM, CORE academics, or technology. The society we live in is technology-focused yet, many of our student cultures don’t even have the internet in their home environments. The harsh truth is many of these children suffer from generational poverty and are labeled by their environment. Yet, are brilliant in his/her own creative sector; however, these individuals are never given the opportunity to develop an individual product or device. Numerous school systems educate children, yet they don’t teach toward the socioeconomic or emotional needs of these individuals. School administrations, academic systems, and education rarely ask students what they need to succeed. The program It Takes A Village gives secondary students an opportunity to develop, create, and patent his/her own products, technology, or other creations that are focused on filling a void in their individual communities, cities, or statewide cultures. This program is also a catalyst to develop the YMCA’s lost community of middle and high school students.