Who is RacIZmIZ?

Who Is RacIZm?

RacIZmIZ has been developed to create “true” inclusiveness and diversity in formalized work settings (corporations, school districts, universities, and various nonprofit and for-profit structures). RacIZmIZ educates work and academic cultures on the history of U.S. marginalization and how racism has negatively affected work and educational atmospheres. The education of inherited and emotionalized racism develops self-awareness in the individual; which, creates mindfully conscious employees and strong positive work environments. Dr. Mekole Wells, PhD, a racism strategist and educator, has focused on the issues of symbolic racism and microaggressive behaviors in educational policies and school environments and their negative effects on African American male youth. Dr. Wells has developed the organization, RacIZmIZ to create an atmospheric equity in academic and work settings. RacIZmIZ is an organization that promotes diversity and inclusion and organization profitability. 


Diversity & Inclusion

Through a series of professional developments and focused group work, we look at the issues of individual and organizational microaggressions that can possibly hinder the overall profitability of the organizational structure. RacIZmIZ integrates programs that assist in developing diversity and inclusion in organizations, academic administrations, and corporate settings. RacIZmIZ and structures workshops that uncover hidden racism and microaggressive behaviors with policies and procedures incorporate tiered atmospheres. Our agency focuses on dismantling old behaviors of hidden racism that have set a sedentary platform for corporate and organizational structures. Our agency works to inform and produce equity in the workplace and academic settings. By enhancing diversity and creating “workplace equity” a better work environment is created; which, creates greater profitability for the company/organization overall.

Let’s Focus…

RacIZmIZ’ focus is to shake up present systems of racist actions and micro-aggressive behaviors and implement impactful change that will produce equity in hiring, management, and policy practices in organizational structures that are in need of inclusivity in work environments and organizational tiers of corporations. For example, over 56,000 students predominantly students of color were expelled from /California state public school sectors last year. In seeing this, I would report this federally.

RacIZmIZ to create an atmospheric equity in academic and work settings.

RacIZmIZ is an organization that promotes diversity and inclusion and

organization profitability.